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UltraSeps v2 T-Shirt Color Separation Software

September 18, 2014

I’ve been screen printing for almost 15 years now and have taught myself everything, including Photoshop and doing color separations.  And to date I have never seen any color separation software that can hold a candle to UltraSeps and now the newest version UltraSeps v2.  This software is just incredible and blows everything out of the water.

When I check out these ridiculous websites such as T-Shirtforums and see what people are posting I can almost gag.  The site is filled mostly with newbies and printers who will be out of business in 2 years and the others most likely working from their garages.  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with garages as that’s where I started but still.  I mean, real printers who make real money can’t be found there.

So the point is, how can you take advice from this crew?  There’s one clown in particular who sings the praises of this garbage software called Simple Seps Raster that is the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever used!  No wonder there aren’t any download links all over Google to download it free from the usual lowlife criminal websites.  That’s because it SUCKS!

Another piece of trash is Separation Studio.  What a load of crap that thing is and at $895!  LMAO, are you kidding me?  I have a copy but didn’t pay for it.  It was given to me by a printer I knew that was going out of business.  He thought it sucked too and after I tried it a few times, it certainly does.

I visited T-Shirtforums a few times and told people how great UltraSeps v2 is, but for some reason my post was deleted?  I thought something must have been wrong and posted a few more times over the course of a few months along with pics of t-shirts printed using UltraSeps to separate the art with.  Guess what?  Those were deleted too by this jerkoff named Rodney.  I told this Rodney moron to F–k Off a few times in a private message.  So he obviously booted me from the site.  What a f–king loser this moron is.

So, I just hope this is seen by a load of screen printers looking for color separation software since the guy who writes UltraSeps, Steve never seems to get much respect and you’re all missing out on a great program that is also cheap and not a rip off.

Oh I almost forgot, here’s the site link.  UltraSeps Website

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  1. Ben permalink

    Hey, just stumbled onto this post. I use UltraSeps too, have been for about three years now and its great. I tried the others and as you say and they all pretty much suck. Oh yeah, I know who you’re talking about with his Corel crap on t-shirtforums. That guy is a little forum troll. They threw him off along with his sidekick.

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